There is typically one party per month and often more during the summer months.  Some may have a theme such as "Nudi Gras", "Military Manuevers", or our annual "Leather Party."  It is always optional to participate or wear a costume.  The only thing you have to wear is your Birthday Suit!

Please visit the following pages for our Event Schedules, FAQ's, Etiquette Guidelines, and By-Laws.  If you are interested in joining D.A.M.N. please send an email and let us know why!  One of our Board members will get back to you and can help answer any questions or concerns. 
Call to action!

Active members!  D.A.M.N. is always looking for host and co-host.  Please consider hosting an upcoming event.  If interested, please send an email to

It's your club!  Be a part of the action.  Only active members should use the email address above. 

Note:  If you RSVP for an event and fail to arrive without contacting a board member first, you may risk being dropped form the next event.  Please be considerate and cancel if you are unable to attend.

D.A.M.N. is the Premier Men's Nudist Club in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.  We have been here for over twenty years with a growing membership.  D.A.M.N. has been meeting the needs of local male nudist for fellowship and non-judgemental brotherhood.  Our club is for all men age 21 and over who enjoy being nude and relaxing with other men of kindred spirit.   We do not interview or vote on who is or is not allowed as a member. 

D.A.M.N. has two specific rules:  No Sex and No Clothing are allowed at our events.  We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy and this will be strictly enforced.  We are NOT a sex club.
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